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Surviving the PR Zombie Apocalypse

As the PRSA Young Professionals group, we are committed to putting you all in touch with the best resources possible.  In the spirit of Halloween, “The PR Coach” has put together 13 signs that you’re a PR zombie.  Take a look.

Bad PR: 13 Signs You’re a PR Zombie

Are PR pros in danger of becoming PR zombies? We may have reached a tipping point caused by Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome. Seriously.

I’m no longer surprised by others attacking the PR zombies among us. Just look at The Economist, the Bad Pitch Blog and any recent examples of airhead public relations, Bad PR, PR Fails and social media snafus.

Here are 13 sure signs you’re a PR zombie suffering from this contagion:

  1. Your news releases are vapid, coma-inducing, Dead Sea scrolls.
  2. Your blog posts reek with deadly slang, buzzwords and  marketing-speak.
  3. Your spray and pray media pitches have caused reporters to run in every direction, slamming doors, screaming in fear, hanging up the phone and deleting your semi-literate e-mails faster than Lindsay Lohan’s fingers in a jewelry store. (more)

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