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Twitter at its Finest

By Alvin Arquisola, Treasurer & Trevett Award Chair

Reaching your audience through social media is vital in any PR efforts. Responding to your audience in a timely manner is a different story. Few companies can capitalize on current events and issues today. Here are two of my favorite examples of companies that were able to pull it off this past week.

1. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas – One of the most anticipated events in the United States took place last weekend known as EDC, which is organized by Insomniac Events. Roughly 134,000 people gathered from across the world in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to celebrate electronic dance music. With events such as these, there will always be various issues. Attendees had the option of getting to the venue by shuttles. Unfortunately, a number of shuttles had issues with their air conditioning. Triple digit weather and a shuttle filled with people never make for a fun experience. CEO and Founder of Insomniac Pasquale Rotella caught word of this issue and immediately reached out to people on these shuttles via Twitter.

TEMP EDC Tweet 1


TEMP EDC Tweet 2

Rotella took it upon himself to wait at the front entrance along with his staff to hand out water to everyone who traveled by shuttle. This is one of the best examples of transparency and responsiveness by any CEO that I have recently seen.

2. Brazil World Cup, Luis Suarez and Consumer Brands – The world of sports has provided many consumer brands some great moments to capitalize on real-time tweets. Uruguay soccer player Luis Suarez has been at the brunt of these tweets for his latest antics on the soccer field when he took a bite out of Italian soccer player Giorgio Chiellini. Take a look at some of the hilarity:

TEMP WorldCup Tweet 1

TEMP WorldCup Pic

Check out AdWeek for more comedic buzz surrounding Suarez.

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Vine: Now a Part of Your Social Media Strategy?


By Brittany Mehciz, Communications Co-Chair

It’s only been a short five months since Vine made its debut in the app store and it’s already spreading like wild fire. With approximately five Vine tweets being sent every second, it’s no wonder why brands are experimenting with this new social channel. With Vine, you only have six seconds to impress your viewer so it’s imperative that you explain, engage and entertain in those six short seconds.

Check out the brands that have successfully adopted Vine as part of their social media strategy:

If you are looking into creating a Vine account for your brand or company here are a few shortcomings to keep in mind:

  • Vines can’t be saved as drafts, which can be quite difficult for brands that require an extensive approval process for all of their social postings.
  • The Vine app is only available on the iPhone – sorry Android users!
  • Audio can hinder a brands Vine. Unless you have a completely silent setting in which you capture your Vine, you will experience an interrupted audio due to the stop motion video style of Vine.

Looking for ways that your brand can use Vine? Here are a few ideas:

  • How to use your product – give viewers a quick demo of your product in action or in different views.
  • Announcements – if your brand has a new product or a special promotion, Vine is an innovative platform to utilize for those big unveils.
  • Holiday celebrations – creating a Vine to wish your followers a Happy Holidays/Valentine’s Day/St. Patrick’s Day/4th of July etc…is a great idea!
  • Events or premieres – give your viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of your latest event or premiere. They’ll feel like they’re getting the red carpet experience in a short six second clip.

With the rapid growth that the Vine app has experienced in its short existence, it has definitely become another weapon in a brands social media arsenal.

 Are you a fan of Vine?

Resources: Mashable, Ignite Social Media and Kuno Creative.

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Apply for the 2012 Trevett Award Now!

Each year, PRSA-LA recognizes one outstanding young professional in the chapter with the award named after Tom Trevett, APR, co-founder of the chapter’s Young Professionals Section–the first in the nation. The Trevett award recognizes outstanding young PR pros who have demonstrated excellence in their work, advocacy for the profession and a commitment toward community service.

In addition to coveted recognition of colleagues, the winner receives a trophy and monetary prize ($1,000) awarded at the PRSA-LA PRism awards banquet. Second place receives $500. Each recipient is strongly encouraged to use at least some of the winnings for professional development.

All young professionals in the greater Los Angeles area, who are employed full-time in public relations, have five years or less of professional experience and are members in good standing with PRSA-LA are eligible. If you are overqualified for the award, we ask that you encourage your eligible colleagues and associates to apply. Please note that the application does not require a nomination.

The deadline for all entries is Wednesday, October 19, 2012. We strongly encourage you to apply for this honor. Click here to download your application. Further details can be found online at http://www.prsala.org/Trevett-Award .

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Tonight! December 14th, don’t miss the last mixer of the year!! Also new board positions are open!

Hello Everybody!

This has been a great year, tonight come join us as we are holding our final mixer of 2011. Come mingle, network, meet those in the PR, marketing and communications fields and enjoy some free appetizers with  the young professionals of PRSA-LA.

The cost to attend the mixer tonight is FREE for everyone!

As the 2011 year is coming to an end we will be having board positions for the 2012 LA Young Professionals Board opening up and would love to see anyone who is interested in joining and holding a position come and apply or learn more about it!

Where: Barney’s Beanery in Santa Monica (upstairs)

1351 3rd St. Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM, Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Cost: FREE!


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Facebook Frustration

Former PRSA-LA YP Communications Chair Dale Legaspi left the LA area last year to continue his complete geekification and work in the tech practice area at a San Francisco Bay Area agency, where he assumed the role of agency grumpy blogger.  Here’s his take on the new and improved Facebook. Give it a read and leave us a comment to let us know what you think.

Facebook’s Latest Face Plant

By Dale Legaspi

People are unhappy about some changes Facebook has rolled out. In other news, the sun rises in the east, the weather is cold in the winter and most of the Earth’s surface is covered by water.

Also, people are resistant to change. I’m usually all about ranting at big companies in my posts, but I think Facebook is only part of the problem here. “I hate the new Facebook” is not good feedback.  Clearly, there is no guarantee that Facebook cares or will change anything, but at least give a specific example of something that is actionable. Here’s my attempt.

The first and most obvious issue I see is that Facebook stayed true to form by doing an absolutely abysmal job rolling these new features out and explaining them to users.  A little blue triangle and a bubble popping up when I scroll over it is not helpful in telling me what is going on and why my homepage was overhauled.  I didn’t know any of it was coming.  At least give me some sort of heads up.

Speaking of the homepage, Facebook will now feed you the “top” stories since your last visit. Similar to when the newsfeed was announced, people are up in arms about this feature.  What constitutes a top story?  What if I haven’t talked to the person featured in years?  Shame on me, apparently. Guess I should do some pruning on my “friends” list.

Directly to the right of that is the new ticker. The only reason I know it is called the ticker is because I asked a friend of mine who works at Facebook. It feeds me more irrelevant facts, but it does it in real time, so I can be thoroughly annoyed on a constant basis.

There are a number of other features that are either annoying or just outright invasive, but this is a blog—not a novel. However, we would love to see more of your thoughts on the worst new features of Facebook.


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Social Media Community Management Internship

We’re changing the game in marketing and looking for talented people to help!

Uptown Treehouse is a cutting edge full service marketing agency that is revolutionizing the space through technology and social media. We are currently searching for Community Manager candidates who will be responsible for managing our clients’ social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. This person should have an interest in using social media as a tool that provides value to businesses and brands. Whether you’re developing an innovative editorial calendar to evangelize a new product launch, or building strategic relationships to drive brand advocacy, you will be exposed to the key drivers and fundamental values that make Uptown Treehouse a leading agency in the communications industry.

Your key day-to-day responsibilities will include:

  • Listening to pertinent conversations and news relevant to the clients’ audience.
  • Create and maintain content calendars including writing Facebook posts, Tweets and blog posts.
  • Respond to comments and mentions to add value to the user’s experience while driving client goals.

This is full-time paid internship that will last for three months and lead to a more permanent position if you make the cut. If you are still in school but graduating soon, shoot us a note and we’ll try and make something work if it’s a good fit.

Here’s why you’ll like us:

  • We’re small enough that you’ll make a huge difference.
  • We’ll empower you to work directly with clients.
  • We’re hiring you to make a good practice even better through trying new things.
  • We’ll keep you challenged and constantly learning.
  • The best communications plan wins. We run on data, not politics.
  • We don’t have bureaucracy, middle managers or pointless meetings.

Here’s why we’ll like you:

  • You love social media and utilize technology to reveal your unique voice.
  • You thrive when given independence but are also a great team player.
  • You are calm under pressure and step up to big challenges.
  • No detail is worth looking past and going above and beyond is your status quo.
  • You don’t think in terms of 9:00 to 5:00 instead you’re constantly connected while on the go.
  • You’re always one step ahead and can connect the dots when thinking about a project.
  • Your talent is limitless and you’re brimming with creativity.

Is this you? We know you’re rare and are probably thinking about other interesting opportunities so we don’t want to waste your time and know your resume isn’t going to do your talent justice. If you’re interested in changing the world with us then tell us a bit more about yourself in an email to our Director of Social Marketing: dillon@uptowntreehouse.com and be sure to Tweet to us.

Sample Tweet: Just applied for the #UptownTreehouse Social Media Management Internship! @DillonBianchi @aseemb

More about Uptown Treehouse

We’re a one year old start-up based in the Los Angeles area with an incredibly smart, dedicated team of people who get things done. We love being on the cutting edge and are helping to push forward an incredible paradigm shift happening in the marketing industry. We’re small enough to be interesting but big enough to have worked with some great national brands like popular television shows and large corporations such as Microsoft. Our clients have high standards and we love beating their expectations! Take a look at our blog to learn even more: blog.uptowntreehouse.com

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Social Media Business Case Studies

We’ve all had it beaten into our heads that we need to use social media as a platform for advancing the business goals of our clients, but what does that really mean?  How do we integrate these platforms into business plans?  How do we track results?

While this emerging ecosystem of digital media is like a wild west land grab with miles of open space and no rules, some companies have carved out strategies that have set their brands apart in this largely untamed frontier.

Social media/marketing/business blog Penn-Olson has compiled a number of real-world case studies in which businesses have leveraged these platforms successfully.

Read the full article here, and think about how you can take bits and pieces of this to drive your own clients’ brands.  Let us know what you think!

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Airline complaints in 140 characters or less

According to this recent article dug up from Mashable, Gatwick Airport in the UK has begun a campaign to encourage airline travelers to tweet their complaints to the handle @Gatwick_Airport.

At first glance, this seems like a brilliant use of social media and a victory for customer service in the airline industry (which is notorious for being awful), but is it really?  Who’s to say that this isn’t just a ploy to keep complaints to a maximum of 140 characters and, therefore, make them easier to ignore?

Only time will tell, but like everything else in PR, it boils down to execution.  How well do they implement this campaign and use it as a jumping off point for actual substantive, direct contact with airline travelers?  It’ll be an interesting case study to follow.

Read the full article here…

…and please weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section.

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Twitter debate (in short): network or net waste

Here’s an interesting article from the Boston Globe, titled “So little space, so much ado.” The article debates the best uses for Twitter. Although focusing on the Boston area, it’s an interesting read about who is on Twitter and what they’re Tweeting about.

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Young Professional Profile #3

Andrea NowackMeet Andrea Nowack:

Looking for an internship or mentor in LA?  Chances are, Andrea has the answer.  Andrea Nowack is YP’s collegiate outreach chair and is in charge of heading up our mentorship program (coming soon!) and internship guide (see the tabs above).

Born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA, but uprooted to Oregon when she was 13, this savvy online-socialite finally decided to return to her Los Angeles roots and currently works for Zeno Group’s Digital Lifestyle team in Santa Monica.  She was one of the first members of Facebook (back in the days when it was only open to college students); therefore, she is a self-proclaimed social media expert.  She has extensive experience in the consumer technology, Web 2.0 and online media spaces and works with clients such as Ustream, Discovery Channel, HowStuffWorks, Mother Nature Network, and Pizza Hut.  Andrea also co-hosts The Social 7, a weekly videocast highlighting the top 7 stories in social media and marketing, alongside digital strategists Nick Mendoza and Alex Miller.

Prior to joining Zeno Group in 2008, Andrea performed Analyst Relations for the Microsoft Online Services Business (MSN, Live Search, and Windows Live) at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. She graduated from the University of Oregon where she earned degrees in Public Relations and Documentary Production, as well as minors in Business Administration and Political Science.

Aside from work, Andrea enjoys reading, snowboarding, soccer, Lost (not being lost; the TV show), surfing, frequent trips to In-and-Out, and hiking… almost as much as she enjoys tweeting about them. Aside from work and the three other places she blogs, her current labor of love is a board sports Web site for women – Westbound Boarder, LLC – where she and her co-founder, Danielle, discuss all things snow, surf, and skate.  Her life-long aspiration is to live to see the day person to person relationships no longer exist, with social media allowing people to exist solely online (scary we know).

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