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Apply for the 2012 Trevett Award Now!

Each year, PRSA-LA recognizes one outstanding young professional in the chapter with the award named after Tom Trevett, APR, co-founder of the chapter’s Young Professionals Section–the first in the nation. The Trevett award recognizes outstanding young PR pros who have demonstrated excellence in their work, advocacy for the profession and a commitment toward community service.

In addition to coveted recognition of colleagues, the winner receives a trophy and monetary prize ($1,000) awarded at the PRSA-LA PRism awards banquet. Second place receives $500. Each recipient is strongly encouraged to use at least some of the winnings for professional development.

All young professionals in the greater Los Angeles area, who are employed full-time in public relations, have five years or less of professional experience and are members in good standing with PRSA-LA are eligible. If you are overqualified for the award, we ask that you encourage your eligible colleagues and associates to apply. Please note that the application does not require a nomination.

The deadline for all entries is Wednesday, October 19, 2012. We strongly encourage you to apply for this honor. Click here to download your application. Further details can be found online at http://www.prsala.org/Trevett-Award .


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Surviving the PR Zombie Apocalypse

As the PRSA Young Professionals group, we are committed to putting you all in touch with the best resources possible.  In the spirit of Halloween, “The PR Coach” has put together 13 signs that you’re a PR zombie.  Take a look.

Bad PR: 13 Signs You’re a PR Zombie

Are PR pros in danger of becoming PR zombies? We may have reached a tipping point caused by Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome. Seriously.

I’m no longer surprised by others attacking the PR zombies among us. Just look at The Economist, the Bad Pitch Blog and any recent examples of airhead public relations, Bad PR, PR Fails and social media snafus.

Here are 13 sure signs you’re a PR zombie suffering from this contagion:

  1. Your news releases are vapid, coma-inducing, Dead Sea scrolls.
  2. Your blog posts reek with deadly slang, buzzwords and  marketing-speak.
  3. Your spray and pray media pitches have caused reporters to run in every direction, slamming doors, screaming in fear, hanging up the phone and deleting your semi-literate e-mails faster than Lindsay Lohan’s fingers in a jewelry store. (more)

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Are you interested in a variety of public relations sectors but aren’t sure which one is right for you? Join us at the first event mixer of the year for a chance to network with multiple public relations professionals representing a wide range of areas!

PR fields represented include:

  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Corporate
  • Multicultural
  • Nonprofit
  • Environmental
  • Technology

Parking: There is valet directly in front of the restaurant on the right hand side of Culver (just past Irving Place). Or there are two parking garages on the left hand side of Culver. One of them is located on Cardiff Ave (stay in your left hand lane and turn left onto Cardiff and parking garage will be on the right hand side).

Cost: $10 for PRSA/PRSSA members and $20 for non-members/guests (cash or check will be taken at the door) 

To RSVP contact Katrina Keilman, PRSA LA YP Programming Co-Chair at katrinakeilman@gmail.com.



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Networking begins at 7:00 p.m.



 Rush Street – 9546 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
*Food will be provided

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Event Info: Focusing on Healthcare

Join us this Wednesday, September 15, for a PRSA-YP meeting where we will be discussing best practices in healthcare communications and public relations.  The panel discussion will highlight the diverse aspects of the healthcare industry featuring case studies and offering real-world examples of successful campaigns.
The highly experienced lineup of speakers includes: Arwen Rahn, Chandler Chicco Agency; Michael Nelson, Hill & Knowlton Healthcare Practice; and Nancy Caravetta, Rx Entertainment Inc.  Each speaker will share their thoughts on the crucial yet challenging role of healthcare communications and public relations practitioners and will provide insight into establishing a career within the field.
Arwen Rahn currently manages the public relations programs for Allergan’s obesity management medical device, the LAP-BAND® System at global healthcare PR firm, Chandler Chicco Agency.  Prior to joining CCA, Arwen worked for Fleishman-Hillard Life Sciences and provided public relations and investor relations counsel to a number of biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical companies.
Mike Nelson, senior Vice President of Hill & Knowlton’s healthcare practice, has advised pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, in both agency and client-side roles. His experience spans all aspects of product and franchise communications, including news media outreach, patient advocacy relations, public policy, and internal communications. At Hill & Knowlton, Mike currently leads client engagements in oncology, pulmonary disease and blood supply safety.
Nancy Caravetta, President of Rx Entertainment, leverages the power of celebrity to drive public awareness through facilitating partnerships between well-known celebrities and healthcare products and services.  Nancy’s prior experience includes managing financial management functions and corporate image-building activities as President and Founding Partner of boutique global healthcare PR firm, CPR.
Please see meeting details below.  We look forward to seeing you there!
1315 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 270
Santa Monica, CA 90401

-Free parking is available is the parking structure directly under the building
-Head north on Lincoln Blvd. and make a right at Arizona
-Make an immediate right into the alley, and then the first right once you are in the alley into the underground parking garage

6:30- 7 p.m. – Networking
7-7:50 p.m. – Program
Arwen Rahn – Chandler Chicco Agency
Nancy Caravetta – Rx Entertainment, Inc.
Michael Nelson, Hill & Knowlton Healthcare practice
7:50-8 p.m. – Q&A

Cost: $10 for PRSA/PRSSA members and $20 for non-members/guests. (Please note new cost for non-members.)

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Mark Hurd’s out at HP, but why?

The week before last tech industry giant Hewlett-Packard announced its CEO, Mark Hurd, had resigned.  A little digging revealed that he had falsified an expense report–clearly a transgression, but the consensus in the industry seems to be that it should not have cost him his job.  A little more digging reveled a claim of sexual harassment. 

Nonetheless, it was still just a claim.

This post from Engage PR, a boutique tech-focused agency in the bay area, breaks down a couple other factors to consider when evaluating the strategy of this announcement. 

  • Announcement came on a Friday afternoon
  • The New York Times “blamed” the PR firm in the lede of its story
  • HP needs to control the message by being proactive
  • Part of being proactive is telling the whole story up front, lest you become a PR grease fire

Disclaimer: I wrote this post for my new agency’s blog. Rather than duplicating content here, I extracted my main points here and linked to the full post.  Comment there if you wish, but this post is intended solely to spark discussion here on the PRSA-YP blog.

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Times are changing…

With the ubiquity of terms like “emerging” and “improved” in our day-to-day jobs, it’s not hard to remember that everything is changing lightning fast in our field.  Especially true with young professionals, part of the change is job turnover.

A lot has been written about the difference in turnover rates between agency and in-house PR jobs.  Hit the PR pubs (PR Week, Strategist, etc.) for info on that, and we’ll cover it in another post.  This one’s about us.  (Forgive the twinge of narcissism.)

From the beginning of the year, we’ve tried to give a face to the PRSA YP group, taking time to ID board members, post bios and encourage you guys to come introduce yourselves at events.  Just like the environment in the rest of the profession, we’ve undergone a number of changes just in the last few months.  Here’s a snapshot.

Right from the top, our president is no longer Kerry Slaughter.  No, we didn’t hold a coup and overthrow her.  She is now Kerry Sinclair, as she was married last month.  When you see her at an upcoming event, be sure to congratulate her!

Our membership chair, Caitlin Mattias, has accepted an account executive position at industry giant Hill & Knowlton, where she is working with (among others) mobile industry giant Qualcomm.

Right before Caitlin went to H&K, one of the co-chairs responsible for putting on our great events, Eva Groves, left its health care practice to become an associate at health care-focused agency Chandler Chicco.

Finally, I’m on the move too.  After four years at the David James Agency (and a lifetime in southern California), I’ve taken a Sr. AE position at Engage PR and relocated to the Bay Area.  I’ll continue to blog and Tweet from afar.

Through it all, the Young Professionals affinity group for the LA chapter of PRSA continues to grow and remain among the most active.  That’s a testament to all you guys.  Please keep up the enthusiasm, and continue to spread the word about our group!  Also, if there is anything we can do or any suggestions that you have, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Feeling stressed, PR pros? You’re not alone!

The world of social media being what it is, I have now seen links to this article pop up on my Twitter feed from a number of sources.

Apparently PR is the 8th most stressful job in the country today, according to a recent Career Cast article.  A little deeper inspection of the data also reveals that it might also be one of the least understood.

Any (all) of us young pros who have dealt with the deadlines, never-ending phone calls, meetings and after hours events can attest to the stressful nature of our job.  However, this article’s rationale for justifying that ranking is quite revealing as to the general perception of the profession as a whole.

The numbers for PR:

8. Public Relations Officer
Stress Rank: 193
Stress Score: 78.523
Unemployment: Low*
Hours Per Day: 9
Time Pressure: High
Competition: Very High

Public relations specialists make speeches and give presentations, often in front of large crowds. Because it is a highly competitive field, specialists must work quickly and creatively to meet deadlines. In addition, some PR officers are required to interact with potentially hostile members of the media.

Before those among you who are in perma- job search mode dismiss the article on the basis of unemployment being categorized as “low” or others of your scoff at the notion of the workday being nine hours long, take a read through the disparate professions that make this top 10 list.

No, despite what editors would have us believe, we don’t face the constant threat of death in our field like firefighters (#1 on the list), but in crisis communications, putting out fires is not all that uncommon.  For many of us, it falls into the “necessary evil” category of our job, but it does contribute to the stress level.  Those of us in corporate America—either at large enterprises or in agency work with corporate clients—know well how executives (#XX) can impact stress levels.

Additionally, the piece does touch on two points that are inherent in PR: deadline pressure and competition.  For young pros, both of these come from multiple sources at once (clients, superiors, peers, etc.) and can become overwhelming.  To an extent, that is the nature of the beast in this field, but this is also where organization and time management skills become critical, as they can enable us to set ourselves apart from the rest of our young peers and put us in a position to drive our careers.

It’s not easy, but it is fast-paced, fun and rewarding.  And, as evidenced by groups such as this Young Professionals affinity group, you’re not alone.  Reach out and connect!  Sometimes the best part about building your network is hitting your peers up for happy hour after a rough one at the office.  Do it.  It’s a valuable skill—and a stress relief tactic.


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