Expanding Your Network Through Linkedin

By Maritza Cabezas, Membership Chair


Reaching out to people you don’t know or haven’t met through Linkedin can be a little scary and at times intimidating. Various questions are likely to run through your mind such as, how do I introduce myself? Will they accept my invitation?

1. Introductions Counts
Instead of sending a cold invitation to “John” with the hopes he accepts your invite, opt to include a personal message. If you are interested in their current role, past experience or met them at a networking event be sure to mention it. Keep your message short and concise, you don’t want to overwhelm someone with too much information. After all when they accept your invitation they will have the opportunity to view your profile.

2. Stay Current
It’s important to keep all of your profile information current, as your profile is what others see when accepting your invite or looking to expand their own network. Also, a lot of recruiters use Linkedin as their means of finding candidates for open positions. Keeping your profile information current not only grows your network it also strengthens your marketability.

3. Incorporate Social Platforms
If you are active on Twitter or other social platforms and feel they add value to your overall digital profile, make it known! Incorporating social platforms helps your connections that may not know you, on a personal level, get a better idea of who you are. However, proceed with caution. Do not over share or include platforms that could negatively affect your professional profile.

4. Reach out to your connections
Many of have grown through our digital connections. I have learned that people on LinkedIn are generally willing to help. The key is to reach out to the connections you’ve made and communicate with them in a genuine and concise manner in order to build a dialogue and develop a stronger digital relationship. Often mentioning common interests or past experience can open the door to a helping hand.

Virtual connections can go a long way so make them count!

Do you have any tips or tricks for gaining and maintaining your Linkedin contacts?


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