The Art of Protocol: What Every and Evert Professional Should Know

Missed the last PRSA event? Check out the quick recap from one of our Programming Co-Chairs, Katherine Vander Ark.

Held on February 8th, 2011, The Beverly Hilton

Moderator Julie Benson, Vice President Public Relations, Princess Cruises

Ms. Pamela Erying, President & Director, The Protocol School of Washington
Mr. Robert Hickey, Deputy Director, The Protocol School of Washington
Ms. Julie Nathanson, Executive Vice President Entertainment, Rogers & Cowan
Ms. Diane Brown, Protocol Expert, The Protocol School of Washington and Former Deputy Director of Protocol for the Office of the Secretary of Defense
Ms. Dawn Haghighi, Assistant General Counsel, Princess Cruises/Cunard Line

Protocol- what is it and why do we need it? This event was held to discuss planning and hosting special events for guest lists that may include dignitaries and celebrities. As PR professionals, what is our role when hosting social and business functions? What about business abroad?

The panel shared blunders that can occur when hosting events. The best piece of advice was to do your homework and be prepared for anything. Also noted was that each country has their own protocols or guidelines, and there is a difference between the treatment of a dignitary and a celebrity.

It is important that every person participating and hosting events understands and follows the protocol, so that the event is smooth sailing. It is also a must to contact the attendees and their handlers to confirm that they understand details and timelines.

And lastly, it was questioned whether to gift or not to gift. As an example, small gifts were provided for the panel, specific to whom they were. This showcased research conducted on each individual. The panel cautioned gifting due to the issue of bribery in certain countries depending on the officials involved, but that it can always be welcomed in starting relationships.

Make sure to attend the next PRSA LA event and not miss any value information!


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