Mark Hurd’s out at HP, but why?

The week before last tech industry giant Hewlett-Packard announced its CEO, Mark Hurd, had resigned.  A little digging revealed that he had falsified an expense report–clearly a transgression, but the consensus in the industry seems to be that it should not have cost him his job.  A little more digging reveled a claim of sexual harassment. 

Nonetheless, it was still just a claim.

This post from Engage PR, a boutique tech-focused agency in the bay area, breaks down a couple other factors to consider when evaluating the strategy of this announcement. 

  • Announcement came on a Friday afternoon
  • The New York Times “blamed” the PR firm in the lede of its story
  • HP needs to control the message by being proactive
  • Part of being proactive is telling the whole story up front, lest you become a PR grease fire

Disclaimer: I wrote this post for my new agency’s blog. Rather than duplicating content here, I extracted my main points here and linked to the full post.  Comment there if you wish, but this post is intended solely to spark discussion here on the PRSA-YP blog.


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