“Standing Out in the Crowd” Panel Recap

Date: February 17, 2010

Location: Hill & Knowlton


  • Phyllis Tucker, Hill & Knowlton
  • Ashley Cadle, Chandler Chicco
  • Tara Walls, Rogers & Cowan
  • Michael Ehrlich, Hill & Knowlton

Our first event went off with a bang! If you didn’t make it, we hope to see you there next time.  The panelists provided a lot of insight to us young professionals on the topic of “How to be the Best Young Professional In Your Firm.”

H&K veteran, Phyllis Tucker, had a nontraditional start in PR. Coming in mid-career, after working as an internal communications provider at the public transit district in Los Angeles, she was motivated my mission-driven clients.  Tucker felt for the average employee and wanted to make company policies and benefits better.  She told us to keep expanding our professional and social networks.  As a PRSA board member, she keeps finding industry organizations more and more helpful as her career advances.

Chandler Chicco Agency star, Ashley Cadle, told us that two most important things a young professional can do, are to take initiative and speak up.  We should ask to participate in everything, brainstorm ideas and bring solutions to the table.  Asking questions is good.  Bringing solutions adds tangible value and sets you apart.

Rogers & Cowan Product placement guru, Tara Walls, works to align corporate brands with entertainment media.  She started in the industry working for MGM as a production assistant and made her way over to the agency side nearly ten years ago.  Her biggest accomplishment has been the American Airlines partnership with the Oscar-nominated movie, “Up In the Air.”  Walls told us to be flexible, as it’s common to have to move around to rise through the ranks.

H&K sports guy, Michael Ehrlich, brought a light-hearted energy to the panel, telling interesting and fun stories from his work on Adidas, specifically related to the World Cup. Ehrlich still considers himself a young professional, but urged us, his colleagues, to do something we enjoy.  He knew early on that working in sports was what he wanted to do, and he was determined to turn his passion into his career.  Through his diligence and hard work, that’s exactly what he’s done, and he encouraged all young pros to follow their hearts and not their paychecks.

Thanks to all who were able to make this panel, and be sure to catch our next event, a mixer in April.  Stay tuned for details, and have a fantastic rest of the month!


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