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What’d you do this weekend?

Guest blog post from PRSA-LA YP member Dale Legaspi:

It’s a common question asked on Mondays in offices everywhere.  A few weeks ago, though, my answer was an enthusiastic “work!”  The quotes are certainly apropos, though, as I “worked” at PRSA’s Quality Time with PR Minds event, which was certainly nothing that resembled the weekday norm.  I could not be happier with my decision to participate, and I wasn’t alone.

While I’m not sure of the exact numbers, what I seem to remember hearing is that there were 80+ volunteers and 29 non-profits participating and that the numbers stack up favorably with the most successful Quality Time events the chapter (or any chapter) has ever had.

For my own purposes, I was matched up with Corazón de Vida, City Year: Los Angeles, CLARE Foundation and Theatre 360: Pasadena Junior Theater.  Quite a diverse array, but there was a very clear common thread among the four sessions.

I’ve never lived in an orphanage in Baja, spent an entire year volunteering in a major metropolis, battled through addiction or tried to keep the arts alive in the face of established competition.  These representatives have either helped people through these experiences or led the charge personally.  To experience the unmitigated passion these individuals all had for their organizations was truly humbling.

Yes, it’s early.  Yes, it’s on a Saturday.  But I would strongly recommend this event to anyone who is available to participate the next time it happens.  Aside from the usual contacts you make at PRSA events, this particular one will give you back something invaluable in the PR field—a fresh perspective.

For more information on the event, or to hear more about the charities with which I worked, please feel free to contact me at

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Sports Publicity Event This Wednesday

Arguably recession proof, entertainment venues across Southern California are heating up with the commencement of the 2009 sports season as the economy, and our local temperatures, continue to cool.

Join an esteemed panel of sports publicity and marketing veterans as the Young Professionals of PRSA-LA lift the veil on one of the industry’s most secretive specialties. Representatives will openly discuss several aspects of sports representation including sports clubs, lead talent, events and venues.

Date: October 21, 2009
Time: Networking: 6:30pm, Panel: 7:00pm
Location: MS&L Los Angeles
RSVP: Be sure to visit our Facebook page to RSVP
PRSA – LA YP on Facebook

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