Not yet a member of PRSA-LA? Check out these deals!

Stay Competitive, Stay Smart with PRSA

There is a PRSA special membership promotion during June (you’ve got three weeks left)!

Join PRSA in June and have your Initiation Fee waived (a $65 value)! (This brings the cost of national membership down to about $225.) And, you can get more out of your membership when you join your local PRSA-LA Chapter. For Young Professionals, PRSA-LA Chapter membership get’s you into the Young Professionals group.

Click here to see details.

Why join PRSA / PRSA-LA?

  • Stay on top of emerging trends and industry news
  • Extend Your Network While Increasing Your Knowledge
  • Find Answers to Your Most Pressing Public Relations Questions
  • Keep Learning
  • Accelerate Your Career
  • Expand Your Options With Members-Only Offers
  • A full list of membership benefits can be found here

Hardship Plan for PRSA Members

In addition, there is currently an offer for membership via the Hardship Plan for those who are unemployed and could use PRSA-LA and YP’s resources to finding a job:

PRSA is pleased to offer a financial hardship plan to our me mbers who are unemployed or temporarily disabled.

Members who renew with the hardship plan will still receive all PRSA member benefits.

To apply for the hardship program, members must complete and sign a short application on which they attest that they are unemployed or temporarily disabled and must submit any applicable dues.  The application can be fond on the Web site.


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