Young Professional Profile #3

Andrea NowackMeet Andrea Nowack:

Looking for an internship or mentor in LA?  Chances are, Andrea has the answer.  Andrea Nowack is YP’s collegiate outreach chair and is in charge of heading up our mentorship program (coming soon!) and internship guide (see the tabs above).

Born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA, but uprooted to Oregon when she was 13, this savvy online-socialite finally decided to return to her Los Angeles roots and currently works for Zeno Group’s Digital Lifestyle team in Santa Monica.  She was one of the first members of Facebook (back in the days when it was only open to college students); therefore, she is a self-proclaimed social media expert.  She has extensive experience in the consumer technology, Web 2.0 and online media spaces and works with clients such as Ustream, Discovery Channel, HowStuffWorks, Mother Nature Network, and Pizza Hut.  Andrea also co-hosts The Social 7, a weekly videocast highlighting the top 7 stories in social media and marketing, alongside digital strategists Nick Mendoza and Alex Miller.

Prior to joining Zeno Group in 2008, Andrea performed Analyst Relations for the Microsoft Online Services Business (MSN, Live Search, and Windows Live) at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. She graduated from the University of Oregon where she earned degrees in Public Relations and Documentary Production, as well as minors in Business Administration and Political Science.

Aside from work, Andrea enjoys reading, snowboarding, soccer, Lost (not being lost; the TV show), surfing, frequent trips to In-and-Out, and hiking… almost as much as she enjoys tweeting about them. Aside from work and the three other places she blogs, her current labor of love is a board sports Web site for women – Westbound Boarder, LLC – where she and her co-founder, Danielle, discuss all things snow, surf, and skate.  Her life-long aspiration is to live to see the day person to person relationships no longer exist, with social media allowing people to exist solely online (scary we know).


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